Mission/Vision Statement


The SHA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the history of Spotsylvania County in its entirety. Through exhibitions, educational programs, partnerships, and collections support, the society works to create a greater knowledge and appreciation for our County and American history in audiences of all ages. In pursuit of our mission the SHA will:

  • ​​​​Promote public interest in the preservation of sites and buildings of historic and architectural significance and to offer encouragement to the owners for the preservation of such properties

  • Promote and participate in research of the cultural, historical, and scientific aspects of our heritage.

  • Make the past more relevant to the present generation by supporting a perpetual educational program.

  • Provide Collections support to the Spotsylvania County Museum for the enhancement and appreciation of our heritage.

  • Encourage the continuing expansion of the archival and research library collections of the Museum.

  • Promote and nurture an awareness of the history of Spotsylvania County and its contributions to the building of our nation.

  • Cooperate with other organizations in promoting these objectives.


To instill pride for the history of Spotsylvania, from before the birth of our nation to today. To provide events and programs for audiences of all ages that offer historical education based on facts. To see local historic sites preserved and enjoyed by the public. To preserve the past for future generations.